ReAgent is Officially Zero Waste to Landfill

Lucy Bell-Young

by Lucy Bell-Young

17th October 2018

ReAgent has always committed itself to protect the integrity of the environment. This is why we are very proud to announce that as of this year, we are a zero waste to landfill company!

From receiving accreditation to the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard to kitting out our new factory with eco-friendly features, we are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Becoming a zero waste to landfill company is an important milestone for ReAgent as it not only consolidates our dedication to the environment, it also manifests our initiative to achieve sustainable waste disposal.

Aerial view of grassy mountains which going zero waste to landfill can help protect

What Does ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ Mean?

Zero waste to landfill is rapidly becoming a sought-after goal for businesses worldwide. It is achieved when a minimum of 99% of waste streams are diverted away from landfills and towards other uses.

Companies are now making concerted efforts to send their waste materials to get reused, recycled or composted. The zero waste to landfill strategy involves:

  • Cardboard getting sent to paper mills
  • Plastic getting remade into new packaging
  • Glass getting re-melted and reused
  • Food waste getting composted

Since 2008, more than 1700 businesses have made the move to zero waste to landfill; and by 2020, Scotland will introduce a landfill ban on BMW (biodegradable municipal waste).

With these statistics, it is clear to see that there is an unprecedented demand for businesses to fulfil their environmental duties, and ReAgent is proud to be one of those businesses who has done exactly that.

Blue plastic recycling bin on a gravel driveway

Benefits of Zero Waste to Landfill

Becoming a zero waste to landfill company has a variety of benefits that will impact any business. These are not only environmentally centred, but they are also to do with cost savings and gaining an advantage over competitors.

Environmental Benefits

The most obvious benefit of zero waste to landfill strategies is the impact it will have on the environment. Landfills have extremely negative effects on our surroundings. Not only do they contribute to global warming by producing harmful greenhouse gases, but they also have a direct impact on the local environment by polluting soil and water. In fact, in 2016:

  • 7 million tonnes of UK biodegradable municipal waste was sent to landfills, and
  • 2 million tonnes of UK commercial and industrial waste was sent to landfills

While these numbers are an improvement on previous years, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Pursuing a zero waste to landfill philosophy is one way of doing your part to:

  • Protect the environment from harmful gases
  • Limit the contamination in your local area
  • Protect natural environments from things like deforestation by preventing the unnecessary use of virgin materials like wood
  • Help provide a sustainable environment for the future
  • Help provide a sustainable way to resource materials for future generations

But if these environmental advantages aren’t impressive enough, there are also many business incentives for organisations to pursue a zero waste to landfill philosophy.

Paper garbage piles at landfills

Benefits to Business

In this environmentally-conscious time, going zero waste to landfill can do a lot for a business’s reputation, cost savings and efficiency gains.

  • Cost-Effective: committing to a zero waste to landfill strategy can dramatically reduce costs across the life-cycle of a number of resources. As well as this, you are sure to save a penny or two by avoiding the increasing levies and taxation associated with sending waste to landfills.
  • Legal Requirements: adopting this strategy is also a way to ensure that your business is meeting all legal requirements on waste regulation, something that can be overlooked if waste disposal isn’t on the top of the agenda.
  • Enhanced Reputation: becoming a zero waste to landfill company is a great opportunity for businesses to stand out from competitors, as well as standing out to clients and staff staff.

Therefore, the zero waste to landfill philosophy that more and more businesses are adopting has positive effects all across the board. Not only is it a great way to give something back to the environment, but it also has many positive impacts on things like efficiency gains.

3 white plastic wind turbines on a desk

Beyond the business opportunities, ReAgent is happy to have achieved zero waste to landfill for the simple peace of mind we get from contributing to a sustainable future and healthy environment. We have always taken our impact on the world very seriously and will continue to commit ourselves to preserving the integrity of our surroundings.


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