What’s it like to Work at ReAgent?

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

8th June 2015

In light of the fact that we’re currently recruiting for a number of roles across ReAgent, we thought we would put some information together for anyone that may be thinking of applying, so you can find out what it’s like to work at ReAgent.

ReAgent’s History & Culture

ReAgent was set up back in 1979 by Derek and Norma Millard. Throughout ReAgent’s growth over the years, we have maintained the family-like culture as ReAgent’s current Managing Director is the grandson of Derek and Norma.

Although establishing a new chemical manufacturing company in the 70’s came with its share of struggles – the Winter of Discontent was upon the Millards and at first they had to trade from their house – ReAgent has since expanded hugely and now we’re based at a factory on the Whitehouse Industrial Estate, Runcorn, Cheshire.

We’re now dedicated to meeting consistently high standards and are improving technology to cope with increasing demands from key customers in the industry.

We do our bit to contribute to major organisations that inspire new engineers and scientists, such as the BLOODHOUND Project and the Science Museum.

How we Work at ReAgent

We’re looking to fill positions across all departments at ReAgent, including Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing and Warehousing. In these positions, we’re looking for candidates at different stages throughout their careers, from apprentices to managers.

We have a high employee retention rate and we believe this is down to our Investors in People status and the great employee benefits we offer.

We’re on the hunt for sociable and hard-working people who will fit into the close-knit culture here at ReAgent. You should be confident going between departments to seek out the information you need or pass on your help where it’s required.

For example, the production team will need to pass on details of certain orders to the marketing and design team so they can create product labels, and the sales team may have to ask our chemists for help with technical questions from customers.

What the Staff say about the Company

We asked some current members of staff in numerous departments what they like about working at ReAgent – here’s what they said.

Abbey, Laboratory Assistant:

“ReAgent has a close-knit family feel to it and everyone I work with is really nice. It’s not serious all the time – we can have fun too.”

Simon, General Manager:

“Working at ReAgent gives you the chance to join a dynamic, ambitious team and make a real contribution to the success of the business. All employees with the right attitude and approach are given the chance to develop and progress throughout their time working here.”

Rebecca, Sales:

“One thing that drew me to ReAgent is the fact that it’s a family-owned business and they really look after the people that work there, because they want the best for them and the company. It’s a nice, close-knit place where everyone pulls together and that’s something you don’t get in bigger companies where you can get lost in the hustle and bustle of every day.”

Bob, Lab Technician:

“It’s a very friendly and flexible company to work for. I’ve been here a long time –over 16 years now! – so I think that says it all, really.”

John, Customer Service Representative:

ReAgent always promote learning new skills and they can help you go through college and do courses. I work with nice people as well so that makes it easier.”

Feel free to contact us for more information about any of the roles advertised, or you can apply by emailing your CV and a cover letter to jointheteam@reagent.co.uk


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