What ReAgent’s New Business Plan Means For Staff

Jessica Clifton

by Jessica Clifton

18th December 2018

As we’ve recently announced, ReAgent’s board of directors have launched a new three-year business plan. This plan takes the company through to the end of 2021. Its objectives cover all of ReAgent’s core business areas, but the area we’ll be looking at today is perhaps the most important of all: staff.

What ReAgent's new business plan means for staff

Exciting business plans ahead for ReAgent staff

Something very important to ReAgent’s board of directors is ensuring that everyone is happy at work. Personal development plans and company-wide training are on the horizon, and two core objectives in ReAgent’s 2019-2021 business plan will positively impact both current and future members of staff: the new ReAgent apprenticeship scheme, and attaining Investors in People Gold.

The ReAgent Apprenticeship Scheme

We have already taken on apprentices in sales, IT, and laboratory-based roles. They are coming through the ranks at ReAgent very successfully and this has encouraged us to start a more formal apprenticeship scheme.

We provide comprehensive on-the-job training for all new apprentices, ensuring they have all the skills they need to progress. This is coupled with a generous apprentice wage.

Our apprenticeship scheme will provide a solid foundation for our team growth as our business grows, and allow ReAgent to build the skill levels of new members of staff around our business needs.

If you’re interested in taking part in the ReAgent apprenticeship scheme, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities that become available in the near future.

Investors in People Gold

Investors In People

ReAgent is proud to be an accredited holder of Investors in People, as it shows our commitment to staff and means that we are continuously improving as a company. Over the next three years, we want to take that one step further.

As part of attaining the highest level of Investors in People – IIP Gold – ReAgent will be implementing new management processes, developing a company-wide training programme, and growing a strong company culture.

On a practical level, this means embedding ReAgent’s vision and values throughout the business, and ensuring that everyone understands how they contribute to the delivery of our business plan and overall company strategy.

Richard Hudson, ReAgent’s Managing Director, says, “For me, there’s nothing more important than developing the people who work for ReAgent. Our team here is fantastic, and I’m looking forward to welcoming new apprentices and working towards IIP Gold.”

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