What Is Contract Manufacturing?

Simon Tasker

by Simon Tasker

9th January 2013


Basically, there are different elements to contract manufacturing; for example a customer may already have an idea of what they require and may come to us with a specification or formulation of what they want.  They may have specific requirements for manufacture to be carried out to very fine tolerances on some of the components and they may need us to supply a Certificate of Analysis (C of A) for the finished product.  This arrangement works very well for customers as the C of A means that they don’t have to test the product themselves because they are buying it in to a certified standard.

Additionally, they may require a certain type of packaging or need the product to be supplied in a specific format they require for their process.  Sometimes a customer will require a product to be pre-dosed in a set quantity that they can add to their process or at other times they may require the product to be supplied in bulk.

Alternatively, a customer may approach us when they don’t really know what they require but they know they want the finished product to do.  For example, they may already be buying a similar product from another source but may be having difficulties with lead times, price or quality.  On these occasions, we look for the active ingredient so that we can manufacture a similar but not identical product to the one they are currently using.  Very often we make up a sample and send this off to the customer for them to check that it performs properly in the application for which it is intended.

It is important when considering contract manufacturing that the customer gives as much information as possible to the contract manufacturer at the beginning of the process.  This saves time in the long run and makes the whole process more efficient.

ReAgent’s area of expertise is bringing the concept to actual product manufacture and as a business we have seen a huge growth in this specialism over recent years.  We believe that our technical expertise, our ability to manufacture to very tight tolerances and to provide technical and analytical backup has led to the expansion of this service.  We are asked to assist on a range of projects for surface treatment chemicals, general reagents, cleaning products, coatings and more.

The last area of contract manufacturing I’m going to talk about is where we manufacture, pack, label and ship on behalf of another company.  We manufacture many products for other companies and supply them direct to their customers, using customer-supplied packaging and labels where required.  We’re happy to enter into confidentiality agreements to ensure that product integrity is maintained.


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