We’ve Confirmed Attendance for Chemspec Europe 2015

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

6th April 2015

We’re extremely excited to announce ReAgent has been confirmed as an exhibitor in Chemspec Europe 2015, which takes place on 24th-25th June this year.

Last year, we exhibited in Budapest for Chemspec Europe 2014. Following a busy year of attending and exhibiting at events, we’re now much more experienced in exhibiting and are looking forward to making some new international connections – all the way over in Cologne, Germany!

Our stand this year will be a spacious 3m x 4m and we can furnish it with the ReAgent stand materials we had made for Making Cosmetics 2015.

Chemspec Europe 2015 will give us the opportunity to do some face-to-face international networking. We believe that technology is no substitute for actually meeting your customers and suppliers, and as we’ve now expanded and are offering our services to more countries in Europe, this could be the perfect time to get to know more people in the industry.

Meet the Team that will be travelling to Cologne

Three members of ReAgent’s Management Team will be travelling to Cologne to man our exhibition stand. Feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn and get to know us before the event.

Rich Hudson, Managing DirectorRich Hudson

Managing Director




Darren Wilson, Sales DirectorDarren Wilson

Sales Director

Connect with Darren on LinkedIn



Simon Tasker, General ManagerSimon Tasker

General Manager

Connect with Simon on LinkedIn



What we gained from Chemspec Europe 2014

Success from previous Chemspec events is what gave us the motivation to get signed up for a stand this year.

During Chemspec Europe 2014, we exhibited alongside other companies on the UKTI stand. We met potential suppliers as well as new customers, and chatted with other exhibitors about good tips for attending events.

We made our stand look as attractive as possible, and it was great that so many visitors took the time to see what we’re about and take a brochure and a ReAgent branded USB stick.

Brief History of Chemspec Europe

Chemspec Europe 2015 will be the 30th edition of Chemspec Europe and is set to be the biggest on record so far. Chemspec is run by the Quartz Group and caters to the fine, custom and speciality chemicals industry.

Over the years, Chemspec has built partnerships with the European Fine Chemicals Group, Royal Society of Chemistry, Scientific Update and REACHReady.

The exhibition is global as Chemspec have set up industry events around the world; Chemspec Asia and Chemspec India has now also been launched.

Will you be attending Chemspec Europe 2015, as either a visitor or an exhibitor? If you’d like to set up a meeting with ReAgent, please get in touch – we’d be happy to talk about how we can help your business.


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