Welcome to The ReAgent Blog

Rich Hudson

by Rich Hudson

25th July 2013

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our ReAgent blog. This launch comes as part of a raft of improvements we’ve just made to our website – you may have noticed the updated header and footer as well as the new home page and product pages.

The idea behind our blog is to share updates on the latest company news as and when it happens, and discuss our ideas when it comes to chemical manufacturing processes and business development. Myself and other staff members will be posting regular updates on the blog to keep you up to date and share our thoughts and ideas. We’ll also be posting a monthly news bulletin to round up recent developments, both big and small, all in one neat package.

As you can see there are quite a few posts on here already, some which date back to 2012 – this is because we’ve brought them over from our sister blog www.thechemicalblog.co.uk as we feel they are more appropriate to this website.

Finally, we’ll also be publishing other news stories on our various social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, so be sure to follow, like and share appropriately to stay up to date!


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