We’re making some Water Plant Upgrades

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

16th February 2015

We’re in the process of implementing some huge upgrades to our water plant at the ReAgent factory.

Water is one of our biggest-selling products and so far, our water plant has served us well. However, as demand for the product has increased, the need for larger quantities of water in a faster time has arisen.

To improve our water deionisation process, we’re making some water plant upgrades.

Why are we making Water Plant Upgrades?

The previous set-up of our water plant allowed us to fill road tankers in around three hours. For most customers this is ok as we arrange the transport, but for some customers and transport companies, a maximum of two hours filling time is expected.

We needed to drastically upgrade our equipment in order to reach this target and now it takes less than two hours to fill a tanker; a great boost of efficiency and a time saver.

What Modifications are we making?

Increasing the performance of the pump

We’ve increased the performance of the pump in the system by adding a new pump which will speed up how fast we’re able to fill tankers of water.

The new pump will have a maximum theoretical flow rate of 22,000L of water per hour. This modification is already underway so we will see the benefits in the amount of water we’re able to supply very soon.

Investing in a metering system

Our current metering system can only handle flow rates of up to 250L of water per minute.

We’re investing in our metering equipment in order to allow flow rates of up to 500L per minute. We’ve started working on this upgrade and are looking forward to seeing the improvements in the system.

Installing a new water main

We will also increase the mains supply which comes into the building to a higher flow rate, which will give us up to 36,000L of water per hour.

We currently hold in stock enough water to satisfy one tanker at any time. However, replenishing that water with our current water supply could take up to 5-6 hours. This is due to our raw water supply only giving us a maximum of 5000L per hour.

We’re currently embarking on a project with United Utilities to install a new water main, which will increase our incoming water supply to over 30,000L per hour.

Once these improvements are implemented, we will have a daily water availability of circa 100,000L to fill for resale, whether this is in IBC’s, tankers or other equipment.

As well as the water plant, we’re also upgrading our facilities by adding two new mixing tanks in the upcoming weeks.

We have the capabilities to cater to most toll manufacturing and contract packing requests, so please contact us to discuss your company’s requirements. We offer free technical advice and our Sales Team will be happy to talk to you.


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