Watch Our New Chemical Repacking Video

Kate Onissiphorou

by Kate Onissiphorou

7th January 2022

Interested in ReAgent’s chemical repacking service? Then check out our latest video where we explain all the ins and outs of how it works, from the products we handle to our customisable labelling service. Alternatively, continue reading for a brief breakdown of everything you can expect to see and hear about in the video!

What is the Chemical Repacking Video About?

We want to give you a real sense of what goes on when we work on your order. So, our chemical repacking video features in-action scenes from our Cheshire-based manufacturing facility, showing our expert team at work, as well as glimpses of our state-of-the-art equipment. 

During the video, you’ll learn about:

  • What quality standards we’re accredited to
  • What types of chemicals we can repack
  • How we pack chemicals under controlled conditions
  • Our range of packaging containers and sizes
  • How we can accommodate the needs of your specific product
  • The flexible range of cutting-edge repackaging machinery that we use
  • Our customisable CLP-compliant labelling service

Aside from our hardworking team, the stars of our chemical repacking video are our range of repackaging machinery, which allow us to fulfil your order quickly and efficiently. The equipment you’ll see in the video includes:

  • Automated ampoule filler and sealer
  • Volumetric liquid dispensers
  • Overhead auger dispensers 
  • Heat sealers for pouches

Watch the full video below, or, if you’d like to learn about our chemical repacking service in more detail, you can visit this page


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