Watch Our New Biological Buffers Video

Kate Onissiphorou

by Kate Onissiphorou

29th April 2022

Looking for an expert biological buffer manufacturer? We’ve prepared a short video explaining how ReAgent produces top-quality biological buffers and bioprocessing reagents to suit your exact needs.

In the video, you’ll learn more about our capabilities, technical expertise, and state-of-the-art facilities – continue reading for a quick summary of the key points we discuss. 

What is the Biological Buffers Video About?

We want to give you an insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes at ReAgent. In our latest video, we show the meticulous ways our experts calibrate and produce biological buffers and bioprocessing agents to meet your specifications. We explain:

  • The different types of biological buffers and bioprocessing reagents we manufacture
  • How our extensive quality assurance control checks ensure we deliver the best possible product
  • The sterile conditions in which we manufacture our products
  • The level to which we filter down our biological buffers and reagents
  • The packaging we use for our biological buffers and bioprocessing reagents
  • How we protect products with a short shelf life from degradation.

We also discuss our coveted ISO 13485 accreditation, which means our products are approved for use in medical devices and the medical industry. This ISO accreditation ensures we comply with strict requirements and guarantees that our buffers and reagents meet the very highest standards. 

Whether you need us to manufacture your own formulation, change an existing formulation or work on a new formulation, we deliver a superior service at every stage of the product development process. 

Watch the full video below or find out more about our biological buffers and biological reagent services.

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