Video: Pharmaceutical Services

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

27th April 2015

We have put together a new video for our YouTube channel – this video is about the range of Pharmaceutical Services we’re now able to offer our customers.

As a leading UK chemical manufacturer and supplier, ReAgent is always working to provide first class manufacturing services at the best possible value for money. In order to continue to improve, we’ve expanded our facilities and we now have an in-house cleanroom facility.

The class 7 cleanroom allows us to pack, mix and blend chemicals in a pure environment, free of particles that can contaminate products. This is a strict regulation that all companies need to follow when supplying the pharmaceutical industry.

We can tailor our pharmaceutical services to each individual customer. We routinely work with technical-grade products so we’re used to working to high levels of accuracy – and we strive to get it right the first time. We carry out all our manufacturing in-house so we have complete control over the quality of our products and the impact we have on the environment.

As well as offering custom manufacturing services, we also sell a range of high-quality chemicals in our online chemical store. We’re a supplier of European Pharmacopoeia water, which is often the only option for applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

ReAgent is accredited to the ISO 9000 Quality Standard and ISO 14000 Environmental Standard, and our customers can be sure they will have complete peace of mind when working with us.  We invite anyone to come along and audit our facilities, so you can be certain we’re the right match for your business.

If you’d like to find out more about our pharmaceutical services, or any other services we offer at ReAgent, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly sales team are on-hand to offer free technical advice over the phone, and can discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.


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