Video: ReAgent attends Packaging Innovations 2015

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

16th March 2015

ReAgent attended Packaging Innovations 2015 – an industry exhibition run by Easyfairs. It was a record-breaking event, and we made up just a small part of the 6585 visitors that travelled to the NEC, Birmingham.

This year’s event was held on 25th and 26th February, so ReAgent went along following previous successes we’ve had at Easyfairs events. We knew the exhibition would offer another great opportunity to network, meet new suppliers and customers and get introduced to the latest in innovative packaging and technology.

This year, we were hoping to use the event to discover some new technology we could adopt in our factory that would fulfil particular enquiries we’ve recently received; primarily, we wanted to purchase a new labelling system.

We put together a YouTube video containing footage of Packaging Innovations 2015. In the video, you can follow our quest for a new labelling machine, as we take a look at the modern machinery on display in exhibitors’ stands. The video also provides an insight into why it’s useful for companies to attend industry events such as this one.

Simon Tasker, General Manager at ReAgent, discusses the event

We attended, mostly, today to have a look at new components for a filling line that we’re trying to put in. There are a lot of parts to that that we need to satisfy, in terms of printing, in terms of shrink wrapping, in terms of label application. So, we spent most of our time looking at manufacturers of printers, manufacturers of label application, label application machines and filling lines. We’ve seen quite a few suppliers.

One of the main things we were looking for was the shrink sleeve for the caps. One of our customers wants the shrink sleeve to be like a tamper-evident cover to be put over the caps on the bottles. There are four or five different companies that offer that, but they all seem to do it at different scales in different methods – it’s been interesting to see what’s available out there.

What we’ve looked at is an evolution in what we can print, as well. At the moment, we work on sheet labels and we’re looking at reel-to-reel printing at the moment, so blank reel labels, printing onto a reel of finished labels so that we can apply that on an automatic labelling machine.

It’s a big change for us – we’ve learnt a lot from the different manufacturers that are here. We’ve also seen some new technology that we’ve always known is out there, but we’ve not used it yet. To actually get down and speak to the technical guys in the businesses gives us an idea of where we can use it in the future.

We’re regularly uploading new videos, especially as we attend more events this year. Head over to our YouTube channel to watch some of our previous videos.


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