Video: Contract Packing

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

3rd December 2014

We do our best to make sure our customers don’t need to look elsewhere to complete their request. To do this, we try to offer the full package so customers only need to go to one place to easily and seamlessly complete their orders.

As chemical manufacturers, we offer labelling and packing services in addition to chemical products. Our contract packing service provides a range of packing options so you can always find something to fit your needs.

It can be a huge weight off your shoulders to outsource your packing to us. Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, we can confidently pack hazardous and non-hazardous products in accordance with EU regulations.

Our friendly sales team can talk you through the contract packing options we have on offer so you can work out which is most suited to your needs. We offer materials including HDPE, glass, metal and composite materials and our expert knowledge means we can advise on which will be the safest and most suitable choice for your business needs.

We can package for almost any purpose. If you need sample-sized products we can efficiently package into glass ampoules or sachets in high quantities.

If you require us to package your products on a larger scale, we can pack into jerricans, drums, IBC’s and even road tankers.

Once we’ve worked out the best way to package your product, always ensuring it is safe, aesthetically pleasing and a match for your budget, you may want to take advantage of our labelling services. You can use your own brand design or work with our in-house label designer to create CLP-compliant labels.  Alternatively, you can use ReAgent branded labels.

Get in touch to hear more about our contract packing, labelling and delivery options. We’re looking forward to working with you on your next product.


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