ReAgent now sells Ultra High Purity Sulphuric Acid

20th October 2014

Company News

ReAgent has been supplying a range of different grades of sulphuric acid for decades. It’s an extremely popular product which you’ll find in every lab.

We recently acquired sulphuric acid 96% ultra-pure XLSI grade – a rare product that is manufactured under extreme quality demands. This ultra pure sulphuric acid comes in pre-conditioned FEP bottles with a certificate of analysis, and we’re the only UK online suppliers.

What is Ultra Pure Sulphuric Acid?

Sulphuric acid is a strong and highly-corrosive acid. It has a range of applications, such as its use in lead acid batteries. It’s also vital in many industrial processes and chemical syntheses.

This ultra-high purity sulphuric acid is manufactured to meet the extreme quality demands of the semiconductor industry in the bulk manufacture of silicon wafers, which are used in the making of integrated circuits or microchips. The XLSI grade signifies its purity; this is the most pure grade available and guarantees < 100 ppt (part per trillion) for each individual trace metal.

Such pure sulphuric acid is also known as “electronic grade sulphuric acid”. This is the first time we have sold anything at electronic grade, or as pure as this product.

To achieve XLSI grade, a product must go through a series of controlled processes in a particular environment. This may be the reason many other chemical suppliers don’t choose to – or have the opportunity to – sell ultra pure sulphuric acid.

The Intricate Packaging Process

To ensure it is always such a high quality product, ultra pure sulphuric acid goes through a number of processes before it reaches our shelves and is ready to be shipped to our customers. It is manufactured in a clean room before bottling commences, which also entails a number of highly regulated procedures.

1. Bottle specification

The FEP bottles are temperature resistant from -105°C to +150°C and offer high chemical and corrosion resistance. The bottles are fluoropolymers and don’t react with any acids or allow any contaminates into the product. Due to the specificity of them, the bottles alone come in at around £50.

2. Bottle preparation

500ml bottles are pre-conditioned before use. They’re pickled in 20% ultra-pure sulphuric acid for two weeks and then triple-rinsed with pure water.

3. Packing

The pure sulphuric acid is bottled in a class 10,000 cleanroom. Each bottle is packed into individually heat-sealed plastic bags for additional protection and tamper prevention.

4. Testing

The product is tested for trace metal inside an ISO 9001 cleanroom laboratory, using ICP-MS technology for detection. This test goes as far as the parts per trillion ranges for accuracy and to reach the highest possible level of purity.

5. Shipping

Bottles are packed into UN suitable overpacks for shipping and a Certificate of Analysis is supplied with each bottle.

This is a very exciting product for ReAgent to be able to sell. Electronic grade chemicals may only appeal to a niche market, but as it’s so difficult to get hold of pure sulphuric acid of this grade, it means we’re able to sell a chemical of the sort of high quality you don’t often see.