Top 5 Manufacturing Blogs to Follow

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

28th January 2016

In 2013, it was estimated that there was over 200 million active ‘English’ speaking blogs across the world, which gives you an idea as to how many blogs are written in another language. Blogs have become more and more popular ever since they ‘started’ in the mid 90’s.

It’s no wonder that to this day, blog posts are one of the best ways to inform your hundreds, thousands, or millions of subscribers and followers what you’re up-to. Businesses have began to utilise this method to deliver regular content to their customers and other interested readers. Delivered content could consist of company news, sales on products or industry insights and tips of the trade.

ReAgent’s Most Influencal Manufacturing Blogs

One industry in particular that is able to make great use of this content delivery method is manufacturing and engineering sectors. With thousands of manufacturing firms across the country, each tailoring their services to other industries, reading their blog could be a great way to keep up to date with news they may want to share with customers. Industry insights are often shared across blog platforms, in order to give readers tips and advice on expanding their business and improving the service on their product. We’ve taken the time to sort through some of the best manufacturing blogs that we have came across in the many years we have been trading and blogging ourselves!

5. Manufacturing Times

Written and managed by Andrew Nicholson, Manufacturing Times is a comprehensive source of manufacturing industry insights and business growth advice. We regularly check into the blog for updates and tips on effectively managing staff and business organisation. Whilst it may have been a while since the blog was updated, it’s definitley safe to say that the archived content on the site is still very useful and definitely worth looking through!

“The Manufacturing Times provides a platform to discuss developments in 21st century manufacturing and delivers news, ideas, hints, tips, advice and comment for manufacturers wanting to improve operations and productivity.”

Andrew Nicholson, Manufacturing Times

4. Manufacturing Innovation

Their aim is to provide businesses within the manufacturing and engineering industry new ideas and methods to improve the workflow and power of their work force. Recent posts on their website it shows that there are many articles on how to help your workforce to understand their job roles and get the most out of dedicated workers. From a post in November of 2015, Manufacturing Innovation published an article on Workforce tips for manufacturers, which includes many good points and pieces of advice that can help to organise and motivate your workforce. You can read more about Manufacturing Innovation over at their website, or follow them on Twitter. 

Manufacturing blogs to follow Stocks Products that are created in our very own facility

3. Industrial Marketing Today

More specific to the industrial sector of manufacturing, this extremely valuable and informative blog helps businesses to market their manufacturing business much more effectively. Sharing tips of the trade and helping to curate content online with your readers, this blog can help you to create great content for your readers. We have, in the past, referred to Industrial Marketing Today for advice on marketing our articles on our very own ReAgent Blog segment. The advice offered on the website should not go unread, and you can keep up with new posts they publish on their social media channels. 

2. National Association of Manufacturers – 

Based in the United States, The National Association of Manufacturers is a superb resource for manufacturing industry insights. Whilst some of the content may not be aimed towards UK based manufacturing organisations, due to different laws and legislation, the large majority of the content available on the site will be extremely useful for a large majority of businesses. Their website reads “Shopfloor is the blog of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). Since its founding in November, 2004 Shopfloor has been a recognized resource for manufacturing advocacy on issues such as energy and labor policy, legal reform, trade and regulation. Widely read on Capitol Hill, Shopfloor is regularly cited by influential media outlets, including The Hugh Hewitt Show, National Review, the Drudge Report and Glenn Reynolds.”

1. The Manufacturer

The Manufacturer is one of the most premier sources of manufacturing industry related information in the UK. Sourcing blogs and articles from other businesses based around the UK, they provide extremely detailed tips and advice for the sector. They have a rather large team powering the site, and tend to post several articles within one week period. They also have a very active social media presence, so if you’re looking for quick sections of information on a day to day basis without reading large blogs, The Manufacturer is definitely a place you should check out. With the ability to login and customize your news feed for tailored posts and industry specific information, it’s no wonder that The Manufacturer ranks number 1 in our list! They offer multiple package and deals on a subscription basis if you’re really serious about getting the most out of your blog reading activities, however if you just want to check up on their articles every now and then, a free option is also available.

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