Resiply Product Showcase: ReAgent Marketing & Resiply Team Up

Dan Wiggins

17th November 2016



Resiply is a company we’ve been working extremely closely with over the past few months. Resiply specialise in creating pointing solutions for indian paving and cobbles. Their revolutionary product has begun making a huge impact on the industry already, and with the help of ReAgent’s sales team and expert chemical blenders, we hope… Continue reading »

Resiply Video Testimonial

Dan Wiggins

18th August 2016


ResiBind New Product | Resiply LTD | ReAgent Chemicals

A working relationship we’re proud of Over the past few weeks we have been shouting from the roof tops in regards to our working relationship with Resiply LTD. Along with the support of our manufacturing capabilites, Resiply create extremely powerful products that are revolutionising their respected industry. Resiply creates a fantastic product for joint and point… Continue reading »

Customer Focus: Resiply

Dan Wiggins

15th July 2016



Resiply is a company we’ve been working closely with for almost the last year. From our experts in the factory, working and mixing the product, to the sales team helping to sell the products, and our marketing team helping to expand audiences and attract new business.  Resiply are a revolutionary company that manufacture… Continue reading »

Eco-Absorb Product added to our Range

Amy Hawthorne

11th May 2015


Colorful Oil Slick Ripples

We’d like to let our customers know about a new product we’re adding to our range, which can be purchased when browsing our online chemical store. The product is known as Eco-Absorb and we’re sure it will be a welcome addition for our customers that want to provide a safer working environment. What… Continue reading »

National Trust: Preserving History with DI Water

Amy Hawthorne

26th March 2015


Chedworth Roman Villa

We were so pleased to receive another exciting order this month. The National Trust contacted us with a request to purchase deionised water (or DI water), which meant we would have the opportunity to contribute to a British heritage project that is the source of lots of public interest. Our deionised water would… Continue reading »

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