Some of the New Features on

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

18th August 2017

Our new website on has been live for a number of weeks now, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Whilst we have had to tidy up a few issues, and overcome some teething problems, we feel that the features and functionality added to the website are improving the experience of all users. 

New Features on

We’ve introduced multiple new features on the Chemicals website. Features that we feel add to the overall experience of the site without ‘over-doing’ it. Whilst the core functionality remains the same, with the ease of placing an order, finding information about our product and navigating through the site, multiple elements have been introduced to enhance the users time on our website. Some of these features are listed below, but to see for yourself, head over to the website:

MSDS Database

As chemical suppliers, our products have Safety Data Sheets (SDS) which outlines important elements and information one must consider when purchasing such products. The new website works on a hand-built automated system that attached the correct MSDS file to it’s respective product. You can find a products safety data sheet by navigating to the product you wish to purchase and locating the ‘MSDS’ tab on our information segment under the main product information. Please note that not all products require safety data sheets.

Automated MSDS System on

Once you’ve clicked on the relevant MSDS button for that product, it will open as a .PDF in a new browser tab. You can then choose to save this MSDS if you wish.

Questions & Answers

When selling Chemicals online, it’s inevitable that a lot of questions will circulate around the uses and restrictions of that product. If you feel our product descriptions have not included information you need, then you can head to our new ‘Questions & Answers’ segment and ask our sales team a question directly.

Simply sign up for a user account, ask the question and once our experienced sales team have seen your question, they will reply with a simple answer to better help your understanding of this product. Your question, and the answer provided by our sales team will be stored on that product for other customers to see.

The Q&A System on the Chemicals website is a brand new feature

We believe this new feature will help to provide additional information that we the sellers had not thought about addressing.

Enhanced SSL Certificate for Additional Security

Using the highest possible form of data encryption, our Extended Validation SSL Certificate proves that our website can be trusted. Whilst this certificate was not simple to obtain, we believe that he time and effort spent pursuing this was worthwhile. Our customers, and any visitors to our website can place their full trust in the security of our website due to this advanced SSL certificate.

A green ‘padlock’ appears in the top URL bar, which explains that your connection to our website is completely secure using some of the highest bit-rate encryption available to the general public. Our registered business name is also displayed in the same location, which has been verified by GeoTrust, the UK’s only business verification provider for the extended SSL certificate we are currently using.

Extended Validation SSL on

It’s safe to say our new website is performing well. Our customers seem happy, and able to place orders without problems. But for those who have any questions that have not been addressed or experiencing on the new website, remember you can contact our sales team directly on 0800 990 3258


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