Shower Units Installed in ReAgent Main Warehouse

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

21st October 2016

ReAgent has recently had shower units installed into our factory to be used by all of our members of staff. The showers will prove useful for our factory workers who want to freshen up before leaving for home after working with potent chemicals and/or dirty tasks.

A Huge Benefit for All Staff

Any members of staff who cycle into work, will also be able to benefit from the showers as they can freshen up before they begin their working day. A few members of our staff tend to cycle to and from work, and the showers have already proven to support this commuting method. The two shower units we have had installed have been a request by members of staff for a while now, we really believe that these will also improve conditions during the winter.

Shower units in the bathroom at the ReAgent Chemicals factory

Whilst we already have emergency shower stations placed in several points throughout our factory, they only supply cold water. And whilst this is a requirement of an emergency shower, the new installed shower units could be a second phase for members of staff after using an emergency shower in the factory to warm up.

“The installation of these two shower units will provide a new level of comfort for our members of staff here at ReAgent. Accessible to all members of staff, whether it be cycling into work or wanting to freshen up at the end of the day before going home, they are sure to be a useful addition”

– Rich Hudson, Managing Director


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