10 Best Science Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Jessica Clifton

by Jessica Clifton

12th August 2020

With the increasing use of the phrase “Science Meets Art”, people are realising more and more how we can see the beauty in science. With this in mind, some major science publications have extended their social media presence to Instagram, so anyone interested in science or art can experience science through visual media.

Here are our 10 of the best science Instagram accounts that share all things science with their followers.

1.     Science Museum

Regular visitors of the Science Museum in London might enjoy their very active Science Musuem Instagram account, which contains an array of relics and artifacts that are on display in the museum, such as human skulls, old cars and even a telephone from 1863.

The Reis from 1863 is the earliest surviving attempt at a working telephone. See it in #smInfoAge, opening next week!

A photo posted by Science Museum (@sciencemuseum) on


Visit NASA’s official Instagram account for beautiful image updates of the universe and planet earth taken by astronauts and other staff at NASA. Follow this Instagram account for stunning photos of planets and of ascending rockets.

3. National Geographic

Get a taste of the life of a multitude of species that live around the world through these colourful and intriguing photos. Breath-taking photos of tigers taking a bath in a river, pandas in their natural habitat, and humans interacting with nature in ways you’ve never seen.


Follow AsapSCIENCE for a dose of science humour; from memes to funny doodles, and from photos of the creators to photos of celebrity babies.

5. Manchester Science Festival

Can’t make it to the Manchester Science Festival run by MOSI? Their Instagram account perfectly catches the excitement of the festival so you don’t miss out on the science and art on display.

6. Women in STEM ASU

Women in STEM ASU is an organisation based at Arizona State University that brings women interested in STEM subjects together. The Instagram account combines photos of female achievers in science to encourage more women to pursue their love for STEM.

WiSTEM ladies at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this morning! #regram #wistem #arizonastate A photo posted by Women in STEM @ASU (@womeninstemasu) on

7. MythBusters

The MythBusters team from the Discovery Channel are known for their dedication to busting science myths, by doing weird and wonderful experiments – many of which they’ve brought to Instagram for our entertainment. Check out cool science facts on their Instagram.

Beware of flying Savages! #mythbusters #adamsavage #demolition #lol #jump

A photo posted by MythBusters (@mythbusters) on

8. Science Alert

See Science Alert’s Instagram account for “The science that matters”. Science Alert’s website is updated regularly with science news and stories, so now they have the Instagram Account to accompany this. With images of owls with eyes like galaxies and facts about plants that are kept as pets in Japan.

9. Discovery Channel

You can follow the Discovery Channel’s Instagram account to discover parts of the world you’ve probably never seen before. You’ll find photos of the hosts sitting 3000 feet above the ground, rare Bengal tigers and beautiful Alaskan sunsets.

10. American Museum of Natural History

The last of our science Instagram accounts is the official Instagram account of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. It’s a regularly-updated place for learning about strange species and specimens, all of which come with a detailed description so you know exactly what they are and why they’re significant.


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