Sales & Customer Service Objectives for ReAgent’s New Business Plan

Jessica Clifton

by Jessica Clifton

3rd January 2019

The ReAgent board of directors introduced a new three-year business plan to the company at the end of 2018. This business plan covered each of the core business areas including Facilities, Finance, Staff, QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment), Operations, Technical and Marketing.

As part of a series of blog posts, here we will focus on what the new business plan means for Sales & Customer Services.

Sales & Customer Service objectives in ReAgent’s new business plan

Business Plan Sales & Customer Service Objectives

ReAgent’s exciting and ambitious business plan covers a three year period, stretching into 2021. During that time, the sales and customer service teams will meet two critical objectives.

Improve Customer Service

Customer service is an area constantly under the microscope at ReAgent. We always want to improve the already high level of service we offer to potential and future customers, find new and better processes, and learn what our customers need and want from us.

With that in mind, we will be introducing an annual customer satisfaction questionnaire. The answers and information we receive will be invaluable to us in improving our customer service and ensuring that all of our customers are happy with the service they receive.

Implement a Customer-Focused Culture

Secondly, we will be implementing and embedding a customer-focused culture. This won’t be limited to the customer service and sales teams, although they will be the focus point. Our aim is to ingrain a customer-centric way of thinking across all teams.

As a starting point, we will carry out an end-to-end review of the entire business process as it pertains to our customers. We will look at all customer touch points and consider improvements for each one. We will then set standards for customer interaction within each department.

Setting these objectives as part of our business plan means that we can all focus on customer service, no matter which department we work in.

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