ReAgents New Staff Headshots

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

16th October 2015

Currently on the ReAgent website, you can see on various sections on the website we have photographs of our staff from different departments, this gives you the chance to learn a little more about our staff – who they are and what their job is. 

Time for a Change!

Over the last few days, myself and Darren have been working on new staff headshots, to update the website and rid of the black and white photographs currently on the website. We worked closely with all of the staff at ReAgent to make sure that they were completely happy with the photographs we produced. Thankfully, the guys loved the photographs! Over the next few days you can expect to see the photographs appear across the website, replacing the current black and white headshots.

Incase you’ve not seen the current staff headshots, here are some examples. Collage of ReAgent Chemicals staff headshots

Let’s Spice Things Up a Little…

We decided to step away from the black and white headshots against a white background and introduce a little more colour to the new staff photos. We felt this was a good move as our staff are friendly and warm people, and they are here to help with your enquiries – black and white is not a suitable colour to represent kindness and support! For the full album of our new staff photos feel free to head over to our Facebook page for the full album. 
ReAgent Chemicals member of staff headshot ReAgent Chemicals member of staff headshot ReAgent Chemicals staff headshot of Allison Shepherd

What do you think? Do you like the new staff headshots? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter! We’d love to know. 


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