ReAgent’s New AL Tech ALwrap Labelling Machine

5th May 2016

Company News

ReAgent has recently invested in new labeling machine equipment which is able to wrap a label to a product within less than two seconds. The machine is primarily used for small bottle products, in a cylindrical shape and has already proven to be a fantastic purchase for our labeling procedures. 

AL Tech ALwrap Label Machine

The AL Tech ALwrap label machine has proven to be the perfect choice to match out needs.
The relatively low cost machine is great for small quantities of products we need to label in a short amount of time, this has been proven effective for wrapping out most recent product – a glove wash product in a small, cylindrical shaped bottle.

“Key to this flexibility is its three roller application system, pinching the product accurately between two lower and one upper roller to ensure smooth and accurate rotation as the label is fed on to the product, even with small diameter and/or light products.”

AL Tech ALwrap Product Page

AlTech ALwrap Label Machine

Effective tools and an efficient time saver

Included on the machine is an LCD Control Screen which allows you to predetermine the parameters of the product electronically. You can then store these dimensions as saved ‘recipes’ which can then be recalled at a later date. Hence avoiding the need to define the product dimensions every time the machine is used. A setting is also included to print front and back labels automatically, which means the product does not need to be replaced on the roller bar once the front or back is printed, to print the opposing side.

AlTech ALwrap Label Machine

AlTech ALwrap Label Machine

For more information on the AlTech ALwrap Label Machine head over to their website. We will be producing a short video demonstrating it’s simple and effective use over the coming weeks, so make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss that!