ReAgent’s Case Study Highlights: Dragons Den, Speed Records & Ice Robots

Jessica Clifton

by Jessica Clifton

27th February 2019

At ReAgent, we’ve got a lot of great stories to tell. We’ve worked with some amazing companies at the cutting-edge of their industry to create bespoke chemical blends, manufacture new chemical formulations and solve their packaging dilemmas.

We think it’s important to look back at successes (and at failures too, because there’s always something to learn from them – although we’re less likely to write about them in a blog post!), and we’ve updated our case studies with a bit more information.

ReAgent’s Case Study Highlights

There are three case studies which we just think are just pretty cool.

Case Study 1: ReAgent Takes Part in Land Speed World Record Attempt

Case Study: ReAgent Takes Part in Land Speed World Record Attempt with The BLOODHOUND Project

The BLOODHOUND Project is building a supersonic car that will attempt to break the world land speed record by travelling on land at 1000mph. The team is embarking on a huge engineering adventure that has attracted support and attention across the globe. Find out how ReAgent is involved – we’re super excited about this one!

Case Study 2: How ReAgent Helped Create A Dancing Robot…Made Of Ice

Ice sculptures are a hot trend, but to look good they have to be crystal clear. Our client, an expert in ice sculpting with almost 50 years’ experience, came to ReAgent to see if we could supply a chemical that would ensure their ice was completely clear. The artists and sculptors at the company have worked around the world and their sculptures have been used by the world’s biggest brands and celebrities, and they needed a quality product with good turnaround times to fulfill their need.

Case Study 3: How ReAgent Helped Reviveaphone Win On Dragons’ Den

Oliver Murphy founded Reviveaphone (now called WeFix) to answer that common problem many of us have experienced; dropping our mobile devices into liquid, rendering them unusable unless we pay a significant sum of money. He needed a chemical solution of specific strength and purity – and ReAgent is now proud to supply a company that actually won over the Dragons!

If you’re a customer who would like to be featured in one of our case studies or if you have chemical services requirements, contact our team today.


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