ReAgent will be attending The Inaugural National Health Expo

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

20th January 2017

ReAgent will be attending the Inaugural National Health Expo, which is being held on 14th February 2017 in Citywest, Dublin. 

Ampoule Filling & Vials

Our sales manager, Gary Walsh, and our Category Sales Specialist, John Rankin will be heading to Dublin to attend the conference, where they expect to converse and communicate with experts and personalities covering all ends of the spectrum within the health industry. Gary Walsh will be delivering a speech at the event, and intends to showcase our services which have recently been unlisted by multiple universities across the country. Specifically, our ampoule and vial chemical packing. Our vial ampoule filling services have proven to be very popular with medical training programmes across the country.

Key Speakers

The 100+speaker line up is drawn from senior management and experts from across the health industry that are pushing the boundaries in driving improvements and innovations in the national and global health industry. Gary, our sales manager will be speaking at the event, to showcase our supply of ampoules and vials to the attendees. To view other speakers at the event, head to –

Once John and Gary have attended the event, we will be sure to update you on the trip.


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