ReAgent Welcomes Two New Sales Team Members

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

7th October 2016

After recently posting about hiring new members of staff for our sales team and various positions in the warehouse, we’re happy to report that we have employed two members of staff to join our experienced sales team. 

David Rowlands and Charlotte Chase have joined the ReAgent sales team at the beginning of this week. Working closely with our existing team to learn the ropes and get to know the practices in our factory has proven to be a successful affair. Our new team members are settled into the company and ready to begin their journey to becoming a crucial part of the ReAgent workforce.

Our Existing Sales Force

As well as two new sales team members, some of our existing members have had some job role changes. Gary Walsh, our former Technical Sales Representative is now our Sales Manager, as always, Gary works closely with our clients to improve the quality of products, their business and relationship with ReAgent.

Another member of our sales team who has recently had a job change is John Rankin. John has been with ReAgent since 2014 working as a customer services specialist, engaging in any questions our customers have about their product or services received from ReAgent. John is now our Category Sales Specialist, a position that has never been filled previously at ReAgent.

Archy McNair is one of the newest members of staff to join ReAgent. Starting in May 2016 as a Technical Sales Representative, he was working with Gary to perfect customers product formulas for products and ensure only top quality products are being created. Since then, his role has changed slightly and he is now Product Development Specialist. A more intense version of his existing role, ensuring that the products we’re developing are of the highest quality.

You can view the rest of our sales team by heading over to our to sales team page –


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