ReAgent Visits Shanghai

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

24th November 2016

ReAgent recently visited Shanghai, China to meet with two different clients of ours. Whilst over there, our directors enjoyed team building exercises, whilst putting faces to names, discussing future business opportunities, as well as soaking up the amazing views and scenery of Shanghai. 

Improving Business Relations

Rich, Darren and Simon flew from Manchester Airport to Shanghai to meet with an existing client of ours. Our directors wanted to meet the customers to put faces to names, and discuss possible future business opportunities and generally improve the working relationship between our two companies. Whilst there, our directors where toured around various parts of Shanghai to take in the sights and explore the culture.


ReAgent’s trip to China was the furthest we’ve ever travelled for work purposes.  It shows how we are expanding.  We are no longer a national company, we are becoming a global one.  The trip itself was extremely worthwhile, not to mention enjoyable and I hope it’s the first of many more trips in the future.

Rich Hudson, Managing Director, ReAgent Chemicals

Other Business

Our directors met with a current supplier of ReAgent’s. We find it important to meet face to face with existing, new and possible clients and customers of ReAgent. As simple and effective as emails and telephones are, meeting one to one and having a genuine discussion about the possibilities of doing business together always comes out on top. Below we have attached some photographs from Simon’s Instagram feed, have a browse through and enjoy the amazing scenery of Shanghai.

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