ReAgent Upgrades Temperature Controlled Storage Facilities

Jessica Clifton

by Jessica Clifton

18th April 2019

As part of a commitment to consistent improvements and to enhance our service offering, we have recently upgraded our temperature controlled storage facilities.

The importance of keeping some chemicals at a certain temperature is paramount. Any large deviation either up or down can cause some chemicals to spoil, so it’s essential to maintain a constant temperature in order to deliver the high-quality products our customers expect.

ReAgent’s Temperature Controlled Storage Facilities

At ReAgent, we have recently moved to a new factory and upgraded our temperature controlled storage facilities with a high-tech temperature monitor. This monitor uses a probe to track the temperature of our external reefer storage containers, where we contain bespoke manufactured chemicals that have to be kept at 5℃.

ReAgent Upgrades Temperature Controlled Storage Facilities – transmitter

How Does It Work?

The temperature probe lives inside the container and is attached to a waterproofed transmitter unit located on top of the container. This transmitter sends the temperature data to the cloud, where it can be accessed from anywhere.

You can set the probe to record the temperature as frequently as necessary, and also to upload the data as often as you need it. This can be modified through the software according to your needs.

The transmitter software can be accessed via desktop or an app, and automatically sends alerts if the temperature deviates above or below certain thresholds. This means that any anomaly can be managed quickly and effectively.

ReAgent Upgrades Temperature Controlled Storage Facilities

What Happens If There’s an Alert?

If there’s an alert, we check the container and double check the temperature using different instruments. If necessary, we turn the temperature up or down accordingly.  

We also keep a log of every time the container doors are opened so that we can check any spike or dip in temperature against the time the doors were open. Likewise, we monitor and match the temperature against the weather.

If alerts are raised overnight or during the weekend, nominated people are alerted and will take action.

The benefits of upgrading our temperature controlled storage facilities are that our temperature data is completely accurate, we can track and manage any anomalies, and our customers can rest assured that their chemicals will be of the high quality they expect from ReAgent.


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