ReAgent Updates Staff Headshots for new Members of Staff

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

14th October 2016

Last week we wrote about our two new members of staff, David and Charlotte. Since then, we have taken their official ReAgent Staff Headshots and updated our ReAgent website sales team page.

Charlotte Chase, Technical Sales Specialist


Charlotte joined ReAgent in October 2016 as a Technical Sales Specialist. She graduated from The University of Manchester with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Chemistry in 2014 and went on to work with a Digital Printing company as an Applications Chemist. Within this position, Charlotte formulated Inkjet inks, coatings and textile pre-treatments, as well as modifying characteristics such as viscosity, pH and surface tension of customer samples. Throughout this technical role, Charlotte successfully took on Sales and Marketing responsibilities and attended exhibitions and conferences around the world. You can connect with Charlotte via LinkedIn.

David Rowlands, Technical Sales Specialist


David joined ReAgent in October 2016 as a Technical Sales Specialist. He studied Applied Chemistry in Manchester whilst also working as a lab. technician for Lankro. David has almost 50 years’ experience in the UK Chemical Industry, incorporating roles in product development, manufacturing, formulating and sales (distribution and for a major manufacturer) – principally with surfactants. David’s role will be to support customers and find solutions to their problems. You can connect with David via LinkedIn.

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