As Seen on Dragons’ Den: ReAgent Supplies

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

1st October 2014

Ever dropped your mobile phone down the toilet? Into a swimming pool? Maybe your phone even got washed away in the waves of Niagra Falls? This might sound strange, but it happens more often than you probably think! A study suggests that 19% of people have dropped their phone down the loo. I personally fall into that 19%, though my mishap occurred in the days before Smart Phones, when phones were as sturdy and indestructible as a brick.

Phone repair services are costly, but your phone is precious – maybe even essential – to you, so you pay the prices. Oliver Murphy, a 20 year-old entrepreneur, noticed the common distress people experienced when breaking their phone, so he came up with a solution and took it to Dragons’ Den.

Dragons’ Den

Murphy appeared on BBC Two’s Dragons’ Den in Series 11. He looked nervous, but when delivering his pitch you could see the confidence he had behind his own product, to essentailly bring your phone back to life after a water based accident.

Murphy had developed a product that consisted of a sealable pouch, which contained a particular cleaning solution. Whenever your phone is subjected to water damage, simply turn it off and place it into the pouch. 24 hours later, your phone will be fully restored.

The intimidating Dragons interrogated Oliver, as they do with all potential investments. It’s in the Dragons best interest to make use of their money, so this phone repair service had to be worth it. When asked “how many people actually drop their phones into water”, Oliver explained how it’s estimated that around 10% of people in the UK have caused water-damage to their phones. It’s such a frequent issue that he was able to sell 1300 solutions in his first 10 months of trading.

He’d obviously done his research, and demand for the product was clearly high. As a result, Kelly Hoppen expressed her interest in investing and went into business with Reviveaphone.

ReAgent Supplies Chemicals

Since winning over the panel in Dragon’s Den, Oliver Murphy and his team have contacted ReAgent to become a regular supplier. They required a solution of specific strength and purity that could safely remove the pesky phone-damaging minerals present in water.

The solution we provide is at the purest level possible, to ensure it will never inflict damage to the intricate mechanics of a phone, but will always clean it back to health.

Since their initial order, consumer demand has grown significantly as they’re often the first go-to point for consumers with damaged phones. We now sell in bulk IBC’s of 5 tonnes at a time, and send the product directly to Oliver’s packing company.

World’s First iPhone 6 is saved

You can watch a video here which appears on there website. The video shows the first ever sold iPhone 6 being dropped into a pitcher of beer.

The man in the video travels to Australia to ensure he can get his hands on the very first iPhone 6. This is a valuable device; he had to bribe those already first in line with a hefty sum. When he puts the iPhone 6 into a jug of beer, Apple fans may very well squirm or cry out! However, the phone is revived using a the unique kit and all is well again!


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