ReAgent Secures New Domains for the Irish Market

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

1st July 2016

It’s no secret that we have a large array of websites across the globe to market and advertise our expert services. Our recent investment shows just how much we plan to expand over the coming years, as we’ve recently purchased and in order to expand into the Irish market. 

The Plan

The Irish websites aren’t going to contain any additional content to our existing website, in fact, it’s going to be an exact replica of the current site – the reason behind the introduction of and is purely for [”/benefit of the end users. We understand that local domain names and websites hosted on local servers load better and offer a better experience. We always want to provide the best experience for our customers and potential customers, whether it be online, during the sale process, or even 6 months after the product is sold – our customers always come first.

You may already be aware that we are currently re-developing our website in house. Whilst that project is still heavily underway, we plan on giving you a sneak peak of the progress over the coming weeks. With a bunch of new functionality and a complete redesign, we truly hope that the process of purchasing chemicals from the leading online UK supplier of chemicals, can be made even more simpler than it already is. will be an exact replica of the new redeveloped Chemicals  website – so you’re able to order the same products and place the same orders as you can on our mainland website.

The Current Situation

If you head over to and at the moment you will see our holding pages – letting you know that the website is currently under development, whilst we haven’t yet got an accurate estimation of the arrivial of the Irish website, we can guess that it will be live by the end of 2016 – so make sure you check back every now and then. Alternatively, if you want to sign up to our newsletter then we can be sure to inform you once the new website has launched.


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