ReAgent reveals new business cards for 2016/17 networking events

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

30th September 2016

From time to time, members of staff at ReAgent attend networking events and exhibitions that take place across the country and throughout the rest of the world. Occasionally travelling to different countries to attend the best events around the world. Such as Chemspec Europe, Chemicals North West & Packaging Innovations, just to name a few!

Representing The Company

When regularly attending networking events and exhibitions, it’s important to make sure you accurately represent your company, which is no exception for our members of staff. As the marketing department, we like to make sure that any physical element of our business accurately reflects our brand and the impression we want to give to our customers. As part of this, we recently redesigned our ReAgent business cards for the sales team and other members of staff. Members of our staff such as Gary, Darren and Rich often attend events and exhibitions and use a large amount of business cards each time.



Brand Consistency

Back in September 2015 we began under-going some changes to the ReAgent brand. We changed some of our documents throughout the business and began making small changes to our websites. New business cards where designed for members of staff, but this was just an initial stage. Over the last few months, we’ve been hiring many more members of staff and our workforce has grown a considerable amount. This means business cards for new members of staff and the ability to make small changes to cards each time. The new business cards feature a very simple design. With information specific to the individual on the front and company wide contact details located on the back.

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