ReAgent renews its membership with Achilles Group Limited

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

14th August 2015

You may remember back in November of last year we posted some exciting news about a recent membership we obtained with Achilles Group Limited.

Well, since our collaboration with Achilles has proved to be an incredible investment, we have renewed our membership, so we can retain our listing as a pre-qualified and regulated supplier on their useful and reliable UVDB database.

Achilles aims to simplify the collaboration between suppliers and buyers, and allows monitoring and tracking of production regulations to be handled much more effortlessly. Achilles collects, validates and updates the information procurement professionals need for quality, and compliance. If you would like to read more about our membership with Achilles then please, read through our post from last year, which outlines Achilles aims and objectives.

“The heart of our solution is a systematic supplier pre-qualification programme with data capture through online questionnaires and rigorous validation through our assessment teams and qualified auditors. The services offered by Achilles are scalable and lend themselves to adaptation to any sector or geographical region. ”

– Achilles Group Limited, Read More [PDF]

What does this mean for ReAgent and our customers?

We filled in a detailed questionnaire that covers aspects of quality, health and safety, environment, corporate responsibility and insurance cover. In some cases, depending on the customer we have needed to complete an additional questionnaire which is subject to a desk audit by the staff at Achilles. This process enables utilities companies to cover the majority of their regulatory requirements regarding new suppliers as we have been pre-checked and approved by Achilles. The image below outlines some of the sections we list under on Achilles UVDB database, which supplies can use to search for supplies, and also allows them to add contract notices.

Snapshot of the Achilles UVDB database

The above image is a screenshot of UVDB database and the sections we list under. This database is available to buyers, who can sort through and find relevant suppliers once they find a supplier they feel will be a good producer for their product, they contact the supplier. We then get e-mails notifying us when a new contract has been added that matches one of the products in our list.

Our investment into the Achilles Group Limited pre-qualified supplies scheme has proven to be so successful, it’s no wonder we have decided to renew our membership with them. We thoroughly hope that the next year will provide as much interest from global scale buyers as we have had in previous months. Our business is forever expanding, and we’re always venturing into new countries to share our chemical supplying magic. So if you feel your business could benefit from our wide and capable array of services, then please, feel free to get in touch and speak to our sales team.

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