ReAgent is now Registered with Achilles

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

17th November 2014

What is Achilles?

Achilles is a global network of collaborative industry communities, which exists to enable buyers to manage risk by having access to a collection of pre-qualified suppliers. This goes on to give suppliers a boost by increasing the market reach in their sector.

Achilles simplifies collaboration between buyers and suppliers, even in some of the most controlled sectors such as pharmaceuticals and automotive, where buyers need a supplier they can trust.

Suppliers have to apply to register with Achilles and they will be approved and pre-qualified, so their information can be passed on to interested buyers.

Achilles is generally used by utilities companies such as electricity providers, water companies and gas companies.

Buyers use UVDB – a database to search for a product sold by those registered with Achilles.

Why did we register?

UVDB Achilles database logoSome companies in certain sectors require you to register in order to supply them. This is usually the case for utilities companies, who need their suppliers to be “pre-qualified”.

We registered because a customer approached us who needed some product urgently. We had to be qualified to supply the customer with tankers of demineralised water.

Not only does this demonstrate how we can adapt to the unique needs of each customer, but the registration benefitted us as we now have the necessary certification to allow us to fulfil similar orders in the future.

We have registered for “distilled water” and “chemical products of general application” and are looking forward to being able to supply a wider range of markets thanks to the registration.

How did we get approved?

To apply for the initial approval, we had to fill in a questionnaire. This provided information about our Health and Safety systems, Quality systems and Environmental systems. We provided proof by uploading documentation and certificates.

The initial questionnaire was a basic assessment to get ourselves registered on the database. Certain customers need extra details such as insurance information and an audit. This process involves further questions but means we are qualified to supply even the more regulated industries and processes.

We remain open to adopting new processes and applying for new qualifications as part of our mission to continuously improve and expand. We invite any customers to let us know their individual requests even if it involves something we’ve never done before.


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