ReAgent Recognises Long Service Through Increased Holiday Entitlement

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

16th February 2017

As you may know, ReAgent has a vast history. We first established in 1977 by Derek and Norma Millard, since then we have seen incredible growth, success & development. With that, comes a large number of staff, some of who have remained with us for the most part of our history.

We’ve had countless members of staff walk through our doors, office staff and factory workers alike. Whilst many have joined ReAgent, many have also left / retired. We have a number of long time serving members of staff here at ReAgent – and we recently made the decision to reward any members of staff who have a long time serving history with the company.

ReAgent recently made the decision to reward long serving members of staff with extra holiday allowance. We feel that the act of working with ReAgent for long periods of time, should be rewarded. Our new policy on extra holiday allowance for long serving staff is fairly simple; for every 5 years served with ReAgent, staff will obtain an extra days holiday per annum. As previously mentioned, we have multiple members of staff who have a long serving history with ReAgent – which means that they will see huge benefits from the recent change to holiday policy.

Graham, our systems manager, has been with ReAgent since 1983. Which means he will be rewarded with an additional 6 days holiday allowance per year, this will increase once again to 7 days per year in 2019, when Graham reaches an amazing service history of 40 years!

Graham Bayliss ReAgent Holiday Entitlement

Our systems manager, Graham Bayliss has been given an additional 6 days holiday entitlement per year, as a reward for his 33 years of service with ReAgent Chemicals.

“Employee loyalty is highly regarded by ReAgent, and it important to show our appreciation to our long serving, loyal members of staff.”

Simon Tasker, Operations Director ReAgent Chemicals

Unsurprisingly, this has been a welcomed introduction by the staff at ReAgent. It’s safe to say that everybody working for ReAgent is happy with the recent change to holiday policy. ReAgent has always put it’s members of staff first – and we thoroughly hope we can reward many more members of staff with additional holidays over the coming years.


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