ReAgent Gives Presentation at REACH Conference

Graham Bayliss

by Graham Bayliss

15th August 2014

REACH: a time to plan

On 4th June 2014, ReAgent was invited to attend the second annual Chemicals Northwest conference. This conference focussed on REACH and was partnered by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Graham Bayliss, the Systems Manager of ReAgent, gave a presentation at the conference. As Graham is responsible for the standards and compliance with legislation within the company, as well as the implementation of REACH, his knowledge on the subject ensured he was qualified to give a thorough presentation.

What is REACH?

REACH is one of the many European legislations that the chemical industry must strictly adhere to. It involves the concept of registering chemicals and communicating their hazardous properties to people. It is vital to ensure you don’t pass on any hazardous substances to another person or company without providing them with full and adequate safety information on that substance.

REACH exists to protect human health and the environment through a system of Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.

For more information, see Simon Tasker’s blog post which sums up What is REACH?

Chemicals Northwest

As a member of Chemicals Northwest, we see a number of benefits. We previously put together a list of 7 Reasons you should join Chemicals Northwest.

Attending conferences such as this one gives us the opportunity to put our company name out there and mix with similar businesses in the chemical industry – you never know what contacts you might make. Companies that attend networking events have the chance to listen to presentations and feed off other companies, so we can always learn from each other.

Further information about our REACH presentation is included in the Chemicals Northwest quarterly ‘Elements’ magazine. In summary, Elements notes how aware ReAgent is of our duties under REACH. We have procedures in place that ensure we meet our responsibility to supply information up and  down the supply chain with the management of SDS taking up most of our time on REACH compliance.

As well as seeing the long-term benefits to REACH, ReAgent provides an additional work area around compliance with CLP. We have adapted our business systems through awareness-raising, IT improvements and communications with our supply chain partners.

In case you couldn’t make it to ‘REACH, a time to plan’, the presentation is embedded below. It provides the basic points that ReAgent made and expanded on at the event. 


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