ReAgent Invests In a Linde E25 Forklift for Increased Lifting Capability

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

14th April 2016

We have recently invested in a new forklift for use in the factory. We hope this purchase will allow the guys in the factory to move products from shelf to the truck for dispatch with much more efficiency and ease. 

Linde E25 Sterling Counterbalance

The 2.5 tonne capacity of the new forklift allows us to be able to shift larger IBC’s without any hesitation whatsoever. Allowing the guys in the factory to lift items with more confidence will not only create peace of mind for the drivers, but will prevent any issues with health and safety of the forklift’s lifting capabilities. The forklift has an enclosed cab for driver comfort and warmth during the winter months when the weather gets a little colder. Since we are busy with dispatching products all year round, we want to improve the work-life for our workers on the factory floor during the cold climate.

A Health and Safety Problem Solver

The forklift has been registered for road use, which means it is legal on general roads. With window wipers on the forklift this improves visibility of drivers during times when it will be raining outside, making the aspect of health and safety less of a problem when dealing with loading outside the factory. As well as these comfort oriented features, reverse lights and headlights will ensure that the truck is always visible in the factory to reduce risk of injuries. A loud sounder can also be found to show that the truck is moving in reverse, all in all, it’s a pretty impressive machine and will definitely improve the daily work-life of our team in the factory and in dispatch. You can read more about the functions of the Linde E25 Sterling Counterbalance on the Linde-World website.

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