ReAgent provides Telephone Skills Training for all Sales and Admin Staff

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

4th May 2017

The sales team at ReAgent have recently under gone a second stage of telephone skills training to better improve relationships with our customers over the phone.

The second stage of  training took place over the course of one day, in April. Whereas the first took place in March. The thorough session, in which an external agency provided onsite training in Inbound and Outbound Calling Training proved to be a very useful and informative session. The training was provided by Liz Couchman, who specializes in Canvassing and Sales Calls, Telemarketing & Lead Generation.

The purpose of the course was to give our expert sales team at ReAgent a better understanding on how to have more successful sales conversations during all phone calling activities. By the end of the course, our sales team hoped to have an enhanced understanding on the following elements:

  • Techniques to work through a call.
  • A call diagram to follow to maximise results on each call.
  • Practiced the key learning points to make your calls more effective.

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Developing a relationship during a call

When engaging in a phone call with anybody, it’s important to establish a ground base with that caller. It’s down to each individual call whether you decide to keep the atmosphere very formal, or to let down ones guard and engage with customers on another level. It’s generally not a pre-meditated decision to make, and usually comes down to the moment you begin conversing. A benefit the training provided our staff was being able to identify different approaches to take when it came to each individual callers personalities and character tone. This is a crucial element when having a successful phone call with anybody, let alone a potential or existing customer.


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