ReAgent Prepares for its Quarterly Staff Meeting

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

20th July 2017

ReAgent hosts a staff meeting once every quarter with the entire work-force in order to go over all areas and aspects of the business. Our upcoming staff meeting is a particularly special celebration of ReAgent’s 40th Year in Business, which we recently wrote about.

The Premise of our Staff Meetings

Our staff meetings are an important aspect of ReAgent’s close knit workforce. Arranging meetings similar to this are extremely beneficial to our workforce as it gives every employee an insight into various departments of the business that they might not stumble across on a daily basis. For example, our expert chemical blenders who work on the shop floor, may not be aware of the activities being carried out by our IT Department each day. It really does make for a much more ‘open’ community at ReAgent.

Simon Tasker Testimonial Quote

We’ve posted about our quarterly meetings in the past, but this one is a milestone celebration of 40 years business at ReAgent, an impressive feat for any family ran business. ReAgent has an incredible history, and along the way we’ve taken on enormous projects that will be remembered for generations to come.

Our staff meeting takes place on the 28th of July, where we will gather in our board room in the morning, before celebrating with a meal and celebratory drinks in the afternoon. A great social event that allows our staff to converse and engage in a change of environment.


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