ReAgen’t New Staff Photograph

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

13th November 2015

We Reshot the ReAgent Staff Photograph!

As explained in a recent blog post, the time had come to reshoot our staff photograph – we decided that a lot had changed since the last staff photograph, which was taken over 4 years ago! Plenty of people have come and gone, we’ve grown massively as a business, so we felt a new staff photograph would be suitable! We arranged for everybody to meet in front of our new mixing tank in the factory. The shoot went really well, and considering everybody is extremely busy they were all more than happy to set aside half an hour to help us get our job done. The shoot was really straightforward, and the results speak for themselves! If you haven’t yet seen the old staff photo be sure to head over to the recent post to see it!

We’re pretty sneaky

Unbeknown to the staff, prior to the shoot we assembled a GoPro Hero 3 camera in the top corner of the factory on top of our other mixing tank and filmed the entire shoot – we intend to turn this video into a timelapse recording showing the assembly of the staff for the photograph. As well as this camera we also had another DSLR set-up on a tripod filming front on from the front of the group photo. We have big plans for this footage collected so keep your eyes out on our YouTube channel for new videos!

Additional Photographs

We had the opportunity to take additional photographs of the team during the shoot as we used a wireless shutter control for the DSLR camera we used for the shoot. Towards the end of the shoot, our MD, Rich gathered the team around for a ‘selfie’ –  it’s safe the say the result was awesome! We managed to get a photograph from our main camera of the selfie as well.

ReAgent Group Photgograph SELFIE! 2015 (1 of 1)

ReAgent Selfie 2015

ReAgent Chemicals staff photo, taken inside the factory with a selfie stick

And since we work in marketing and have unprecedented access to Photoshop and other editing software, we couldn’t resist having a ‘play’ around with the selfie photograph, enjoy…

ReAgent Wars

May the Force be with you!

ReAgent Chemicals staff photo, with CEO as He Man

We hope you enjoyed these new staff photo’s, we had a ball shooting them (and editing them… as you can see)!


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