ReAgent To Get New Resource Planning Tool

Jessica Clifton

by Jessica Clifton

10th July 2019

Over the last decade, ReAgent has experienced a huge amount of growth. We have moved into a new, more spacious factory, employ many more staff, and supply more customers worldwide than ever before.

As part of this continuing growth and the expansion of our workforce, especially in production, resource planning becomes more critical as well as more complex. With multiple zones within our factory, for example zones which are dedicated to flammables, to non-flammables, and to corrosives; tanks which are customer-specific and general-purpose tanks; as well as staff at different levels of training, resource planning is more complex than it has ever been.

ReAgent expands into new factory and gets automated resource planning tool

That’s why we are having a bespoke, automated resource planning tool built. Our objective is to use the data we already have in our production system, such as blending and packing times, to provide us with a more automated, faster solution to our resource planning requirements.

About the resource planning tool

This new resource planning software will help us measure the utilisation of both factory and people resources. It will quickly highlight resource shortages, identify that there are enough people to fulfil a job, and allow for more efficient planning. 

It takes holidays and unplanned absences into account, and shows how a job either needs to be moved around or whether we need to contact our customers in the case of a delivery delay. It can also filter by individual workloads so everyone clearly knows what they’re doing, and it can filter by factory zones to show how effectively they’re being used and where improvements can be made.

Benefits for our customers

This new planning tool won’t just create more streamlined processes and workflows for ReAgent; it also has benefits for our customers. 

  • As we plan further ahead and ensure that as our processes are even more smooth and efficient, so we can provide more accurate delivery timescales for forward orders
  • We currently consistently hit 90% on-time delivery, and we will be able to maintain and increase the accuracy of promise dates for delivery with this tool
  • The software will link directly into our database, giving our teams real-time, accurate production schedule data 

Watch this space to find out when this new tool is in place! In the meantime, if you have any queries please contact our friendly team.


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