What ReAgent’s New Business Plan Means For Facilities

Jessica Clifton

by Jessica Clifton

20th December 2018

Announced in November, ReAgent’s new three-year business plan covers all core business areas. As part of our series of blog posts explaining what that means for each area, we now turn our attention to Facilities.

About ReAgent’s Facilities

It’s already been a busy year from a facilities point of view, as we moved into our newly renovated factory and offices back in April. Our team pulled together to ensure this move was as smooth as possible, and now we need to maintain and enhance our factory and offices both inside and out. We also ensure that our core processes, which come under the facilities banner, are constantly monitored and improved.

What ReAgent's New Business Plan Means For Facilities

What the Business Plan Means for Facilities

As part of ReAgent’s new business plan, three main areas are covered under Facilities:

  1. Improving staff facilities
  2. Increasing automation
  3. Investigating expansion into the U.S.A.

Improving Staff Facilities

A top priority for ReAgent’s board of directors is to have happy staff. The first project we’ll undertake as part of the new business plan is to make improvements to our new factory for the benefit of staff. This includes installing air conditioning in the offices (a lesson learned from an extremely hot summer!), and creating an outdoor space that staff can use during breaks and lunch.

What ReAgent's New Business Plan Means For Facilities

Increasing Automation

In the factory, we want to increase efficiency and accuracy through automation. We will look at developing automated monitoring systems and improving ReAgent’s throughput with process automation. This will benefit our customers by improving productivity, reliability, availability and performance.

Investigating Expansion into the U.S.A.

Looking further ahead, we will be exploring what global expansion might mean for facilities. This will include evaluating the facilities we currently have and how they could support expansion, and creating a strategy for a ReAgent presence in the U.S.A. Exciting times lie ahead!

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