ReAgent Meet US Department of Commerce in Washington, DC

Rich Hudson

by Rich Hudson

24th March 2016

Last Friday saw an important milestone in ReAgent’s plans for overseas development when we met with the US Department of Commerce in Washington, DC.  The meeting helped us learn more about establishing a business presence in the USA.

ReAgents next step towards international expansion

Our contact is Senior International Investment Specialist, Diana Fonivich.  Diana explained the help available to support overseas investors who want to develop a presence the US and create new jobs locally, both of which ReAgent is keen to do. Whilst they have to remain impartial and cannot be seen to favour any particular State or region within the US, the Department is able to share information and has access to a huge database of companies in the various chemical sectors. Diana could not have been more helpful and she was definitely the right person for us to meet.  We are confident that this meeting represents the first step towards our goal of creating a manufacturing facility in America.

We have also applied to attend the third Select USA Investment Summit which will be held in June.  The Summit is aimed at investors from all over the world. More information about the 2016 Select USA Summit can be found on their website here:

Richard Hudson & Barbara Hudson from ReAgent Chemicals at the US Department of Commerce in Washington DC

A Truly Fantastic and Beneficial Trip

As luck would have it, the US Department of Commerce building on Constitution Avenue was only a few minutes stroll from our hotel.  Known as the Herbert C Hoover building, it’s an historic and truly stunning piece of architecture both inside and out, as can be seen by the photos.

US Department of Commerce Exterior

US Department of Commerce Model Building

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