ReAgents Marketing Department 24hr Challenge!

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

2nd October 2015

As you know, we’re no strangers to video marketing. We’re a big fan of marketing the impressive services that we offer at ReAgent through the medium of video production. Whether it be with new equipment in the factory, or visits to events around the country.

Recently, we’ve decided to step up our game and have been set an exciting challenge by Rich Hudson, our Managing Director. Our challenge is to create a video that represents an aspect of the company within just one working day. That means we must plan, film, edit and produce the entire video within 8 hours – hard work! But for us, rather, exciting work! There have been some staff changes in the marketing department at ReAgent as of recent, and within the past 6 months both Marketing Manager and Marketing Assistant have changed. All Marketing aspects of ReAgent are now managed and ran by Darren Langton and Dan Wiggins (me!). With us both having experience working together with video production and photography, we can’t wait to get our hands on some of the incredible video production kit our marketing predecessors obtained over the years!

Camera equipment needed for video production

We have, however been given some contingency time overnight to allow the videos to render through our chosen video editing software – allowing us to leave the video overnight, and come in the next morning to a completed video, ready for upload to YouTube! We’ve been given complete creative freedom with the 24hr video challenge, so we can’t wait to get behind the lense and capture some great content from our factory. 

“I thoroughly can’t wait to get started on this project, whilst only a short and quick video, it’s going to be exciting non-the-less, and I, for one can’t wait to get cracking! Hopefully the video will be received well with our social following and this will become a regular task, it’s all down to our engaging followers really” 

Darren Langton, Managing Director.

Our question to you is; are there any specific elements of a chemical manufacturing business you’d like to see through the medium of video production? What aspects of chemical manufacturing are you interested in learning more about that we could interestingly shed light on the subject? Let us know in the comments below because we would love to have your input on this exciting project. 


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