ReAgent Makes the Move to Join BCMPA

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

11th March 2014

Recently, ReAgent decided it was time to become a part of the thriving community of BCMPA, joining over 120 members that already take advantage of the services offered by this trade association. Being a member of such a group builds new paths for ReAgent by creating simple links to other industry professionals. Before, these links may have been obstructed by a lack of knowledge about the services that are available to us but now with thanks to our BCMPA membership, connecting to other businesses is easily within reach. 

What is BCMPA?

British Contract Manufacturing and Packing Association. The role of BCMPA is to provide a place for businesses to discover professional outsourcing partners in the UK. It has played a major role in promoting the concept of outsourcing and members receive their own branded Profile page that can be viewed by companies looking to hire a brand or person for particular professional services. BCMPA provides an extensive list of their members to us, from which we can shortlist appropriate companies for the service we require. The services provided by BCMPA members come under five main headings, each of which covers an extensive range of further services:

  • Contract Packing
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Filling
  • Fulfilment
  • Logistics

BCMPA aims to get the message across that there’s “a lot more to the Contract Packing Industry than just packing!” and to achieve this they supported the contractPACK 2014 , a co-located show at easyFairs Packaging Innovations event, which was attended by ReAgent. ContractPACK 2014 contained 30 exhibitions from experts in numerous industries and was a great way for brands to find out how they can find a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Membership Perks and Promises

As a member, we were invited to attend the BCMPA’s annual dinner at Nailcote Hall . Not ones to turn down an offer of great food, we were also impressed by the amount of networking with other members we were able to do. It was refreshing to know that the chance to outsource some of our services is so accessible. After we got to know some of the members, we were able to search for potential partners online through BCMPA’s members list, giving us the opportunity to research each company and contact them at our convenience. All applicants are thoroughly audited before they are accepted onto BCMPA’s membership list. This gives us confidence in the knowledge that we will only ever connect with a capable company that meets the high standards set by the BCMPA. By becoming a member of BCMPA, we’re making a promise that we will always work at a certain level and we’re showing our commitment to providing a professional and industry-standard service to the market. In addition, being a member complements our offering to the market of contract packing and shows our continuous aim to be up-to-date with the latest trends in the packaging industry


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