ReAgent Launches

Jessica Clifton

by Jessica Clifton

11th September 2019

Fresh from launching, our team has been working on further maximising our trade opportunities with Ireland with our second website for this important market. We’re delighted to announce the launch of, supplying off-the-shelf chemicals directly to Ireland.

About has the same overall content, layout, and easy-to-use functionality as our current UK site, including the shop, blog, and downloadable material safety data sheets, but with some differences which tailor-make it for the Irish market. These differences include:

  • The different domain extension (.ie), which makes the site more accessible and relevant for customers based in Ireland by appearing in their local territory
  • Pricing in Euros rather than GBP
  • No VAT is included in the pricing

The new site is a way for us to efficiently offer our products and services to businesses in Ireland that require off-the-shelf chemicals. It will also enable us to take a more proactive approach to building our presence in the Irish market.

Meeting the demand from Ireland

We consistently receive enquiries and orders for off-the-shelf chemicals from Irish businesses. Our new website makes fulfilling these enquiries and orders much more streamlined and enables Irish businesses to order more easily as all the payments are in Euros.

As one of our closest neighbours, we are also geographically well-placed to offer a speedy delivery service via our well-established ADR-approved transport links. In fact, Dublin is closer to ReAgent than London!

We can then quickly ship products to Dublin where they are distributed throughout Ireland via our network of hauliers. Whether it’s small or large quantities, these efficient transport links will enable us to provide a fast and efficient delivery.

As a leading chemical supplier with almost 50 years’ experience, ReAgent and are well-placed to support the growing market in Ireland.


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