ReAgent Launches

Lucy Bell-Young

by Lucy Bell-Young

15th August 2018

Over the last few months, the team at ReAgent have been working on maximising our trade with Ireland. The launch of our new Irish website,, is another step that will help propel ReAgent into the fore of the Irish market.

What is

Put simply, is our new Irish website. While it is exactly the same as our current site, the different domain extension (.ie) will make it more accessible and relevant for customers based in Ireland by appearing in their local territory.

The new site is a way for us to efficiently offer our services to businesses in Ireland that have a demand for high-end manufacturing. It will also enable us to take a more proactive approach to extend these services to and build our presence in the Irish market.

From a business point of view, this will make us much more accessible to Irish businesses and open up the opportunity to form new partnerships.

A few advantages of launching a new website include:

  • It will help to build our presence in the Irish market
  • It will help to expand our reach as a global business

We will also be launching our new site in the near future in order to promote our wide range of high-quality products. With the initial launch of, we will first be promoting our contract manufacturing services.

A close up of a mixing vessel in ReAgent factor

ReAgent has launched a new Irish website in order to maximise the reach of our services.

Meeting the Demand

We have always had enquiries about supplying to Ireland. In the past, the capacity limitations of our old factory meant that it was difficult to fit in any additional workload. While we have exported to Ireland before, this capacity limitation restricted us from pursuing the opportunity to its full potential.

Now that we have moved into our new 38,000 square foot factory, our capacity load has grown dramatically, enabling us to expand into new markets – starting with Ireland.

What Are We Offering?

Ireland is a hotbed for large companies, particularly ones in the pharmaceutical industry. Many of these businesses have requirements for our high-end manufacturing services and high-quality products.

For example, our purified water is manufactured to meet various specifications. The different grades are used in a variety of high-spec industries, including the manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates and IVD reagents.

Another popular service we will be offering is our repacking service, something which is always in demand when it comes to the distribution of high-quality products. ReAgent is able to take pharmaceutical grade, high-purity products and repack them into smaller pack sizes under controlled conditions.

In this way, we can handle hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals while protecting their integrity. This meets the demand for high-end and large-scale contract manufacturing in Ireland.

Panorama of ReAgent's new factory

Our new facility has lifted our capacity limitations by being more than double the size of our old factory. This has enabled us to expand our services and grow into the future.

Why Ireland?

As chemical suppliers for almost 50 years, ReAgent has many international clients and we are not strangers to worldwide delivery. So why are we now taking a more proactive and focused approach to expanding into Ireland?

There are many advantages that come with extending our goods and services to Ireland. As one of our closest neighbours, we are geographically well-placed to offer quick delivery via our well-established transport links. In fact, Dublin is closer to us than London!

ReAgent is able to distribute hazardous and non-hazardous products in a range of batch sizes, from 1 parcel all the way up to full vehicle pallet loads. We can also supply products packed into IBCs and a variety of different sized containers.

We can then quickly ship these to Dublin where they can be distributed throughout Ireland via our network of approved hauliers. Whether its small or large quantities, these efficient transport links will enable us to provide a fast and efficient delivery.

Other logistical benefits include:

  • No complicated exchange rates since we already trade in Euros
  • Cost-effective supply and delivery
  • Large industry market to supply to
  • Demand for high-end manufacturing services
A road tanker pulling out of ReAgent factory

We have well-established transport links with Ireland which will allow us to efficiently deliver a range of products in a range of pack sizes.

As leading chemical suppliers with almost 50 years of experience, we are well-placed to support the growing market in Ireland. While we do already have a small presence there, taking a more centred interest by launching will enable us to offer our services more effectively to the Irish market. This will ultimately ensure the continued growth of ReAgent.


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