ReAgent is Reshooting its Group Staff Photograph!

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

30th October 2015

You may remember a few weeks back we wrote a post about the new staff headshots we were shooting to inject more colour into the team member pages on the website. Well, they were a huge success, so much so, that we’re going to reshoot our entire group photo of all the staff at ReAgent!

ReAgent Chemicals staff photo 2015, taken outside the factory

The ReAgent staff photograph was taken in June 2011, just over Four Years ago! Definitely time for a new one!

What has Changed at ReAgent?

The last staff photograph of the team was taken just over four years ago in 2011! A lot has changed during that time, we’ve attended multiple events worldwide, we’ve employed a number of new staff and we’ve improved the facilities in our factory beyond expectations to cater for products in higher demand than ever before! Yes, it’s been a busy last few years and now with the future looking exceptionally positive, we wanted to re-take the staff team photograph.

We’re going to be taking the staff photograph inside the factory this time, after all, the cold November days are starting to settle in now, so it’s only right that we keep our staff warm and cosy! Maybe next summer we can take the photoshoot outside and get a bit of sun in the shot (if we’re ever lucky enough!).

It’s also a great chance for the staff to see how different they are, everybody likes looking back at old photographs, so what better way than to re-shoot a new one for comparison! The shoot is booked in for 5th November, so be sure to keep an eye out on our social media channels for the new photograph.


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