ReAgent is Recruiting a Marketing Copywriter

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

5th July 2017

As a business that is growing more and more by the day, ReAgent is once again taking measures to enhance our growth and invest in the future. This time, by expanding our marketing department with the help of an internal marketing copywriter.

We feel the employment of an internal copywriter will help us to create more engaging content for our website visitors. Expanding on this area will allow us to share more information about our services with our customers and any website visitors. Do you think you have the skills to work at a successful chemical manufacturing company as a copywriter? Check out the job proposal below:

Marketing Copywriter – Job Specification

Core Responsibilities

  • Maintenance of company blogs, including generation of new content
  • Creation of new content for company websites and promotional literature
  • Copywriting for link building (Articles for external websites)
  • Co-creation of staff meeting presentations
  • Scripting of video for company YouTube channel

Skills Required

  • Proficiency with WordPress
  • Good MS Office skills
  • Basic HTML knowledge
  • Basic Graphic design skills e.g. Photoshop
  • Competent written communicato
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This opportunity is not one to be missed.


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