ReAgent Invests in Auditing Capability

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

12th May 2017

As a leading UK chemical manufacturing company, we at ReAgent always need to ensure we’re complying with new and existing regulations. The priority for chemical manufacturers to stay one step ahead of their quality systems has never been more important as it is today. This is why we take the time to invest in our well deserved ISO Accreditations & other compliance regulation certifications we have earned over the years.

ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 9001:2015

ReAgent is currently making the transfer to ISO 9001:2015 from our current accreditation which is currently ISO 9001:2008. Reagent is committed to maintain and comply with the requirements set by auditors, which means we need to be able to develop and improve in all aspects of the business.

QMS (Quality Management System) Internal Auditor Training

For this crucial development, we need to ensure that we have a level of quality awareness at the most senior level in the business. To comply with this criteria, ReAgent has invested in an internal auditors course for Darren Wilson, Sales Director & Simon Tasker, Operations Director. The idea behind the auditing course is for us to be able to assess various areas of our business and put actions towards changes for continuous improvement.

The course took place over a one day period, and was hosted by an external training provider. The content of the course is as follows.


To give a basic understanding of:

  • What an internal audit is and how it is used as a tool for continuous improvement
  • The process approach to internal auditing
  • The PDCA cycle in relation to auditing a process based system
  • The 7 Quality Principles
  • How to plan and prepare a process based audit
  • How to report the audit by identifying and writing valid and factual non-conformity reports
  • How to suggest ways in which corrective actions can be verified and closed out.

Course Content

The Internal Auditor Course is a one day course containing:

  • Requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard
  • An introduction to quality management systems
  • The 7 Quality Principles
  • Management of internal audit schedules and reports
  • Preparation of internal audit check-lists (and their pros and cons)
  • Process-based auditing techniques (how to gain objective evidence)
  • Auditing behaviour (how to ask the questions)
  • Implementing and following up corrective actions

Above and Beyond

Further to this, not only has ReAgent provided auditing training to our most senior members of staff, but we have also made the decision to enroll a further 10 members of staff at all levels in the business on the exact same training course. The course will take place on the 2nd June 2017 and various members of staff from all aspects of the business have stepped forward to take part in the brilliant training modules.

Our new capabilities to carry out relevant audits have already proven to be a useful skill set. We recently visited China to audit a supply chain for a VMI Implementation process ReAgent is currently undertaking with a key client. Read more.


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