ReAgent Introduces New Services

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

4th December 2015

Here at ReAgent we’re always looking for new ways to adapt and evolve to our market. By offering services and products to an ever growing audience that we believe will benefit from our services. Often, we take the time to look through the requests of our customers and we take what we can from those enquiries. We’ve always been a company to invest and believe in the demands of our customers, and make changes to our work ethic based on what we believe will produce the best working relationship between ourselves and our ever growing list of valued customers.

It’s from these meetings and reviews, that occasionally rather large decisions are made on what changes we must make to the services we offer, and that is exactly what has recently happened. In a recent review meeting  between members of our staff, the decision was made to introduce services that have originated from bespoke enquiry requests. Products we have created from individual enquiries gained from businesses across the globe. Bespoke production and manufacturing is one of our most respected services as we consistently prove to our customers that we go the extra mile in order to provide a high quality standard product, customer service through all levels of our business and a cost efficient plan that the customer is truly happy with.

Textile Coatings

Throughout our website you will notice a lot of information about Airbag Coating Manufacturing for the Automotive Industry that we began producing over 3 years ago. The introduction of this bespoke service has seen us grow as a business exponentially. From this rapid growth, we decided that the only logical solution would be to advertise our expertise on Textile Coatings for all industries, not just automotive and allow companies to have their bespoke product for coatings manufactured through us, with the option to have a vessel installed in our factory dedicated to their product.  ReAgent has the ability to manufacture bespoke textile coatings for specialist formulation requirements. We can install bespoke manufacturing vessels dedicated to your product which can output up to 1000 Tons of product per year. You can read more about the introduction of Textile Coatings on our dedicated server page.

Large new mixing tank in the ReAgent Chemicals factory

Cleaning Chemical Manufacturing

Next up in the line of new services being introduced by ReAgent is our production services catered to the Cleaning industry. Our expertise in the area of industrial cleaning processes and products spans many years of supplying bespoke formulations, whilst acting as a third party manufacturer. Our capability at ReAgent encompasses a great deal more. If you’re interested in having your product manufactured by ReAgent as a cost effective solution then you can get in touch with our sales team, or learn more information.

Disinfectant Manufacturing

The last service we have introduced to the smorgasbord of ReAgents specialised services is the ability to manufacture Disinfectant Materials for any industry. We offer a cost effective solution to manage your disinfectant manufacturing needs. We can meet demands and have experience creating bespoke formulations with the ability to supply up to 10,000 litres of high quality product. We can advise on alternative raw materials when necessary, using our long-standing relationships with key biocidal product manufacturers to procure variable volumes as cost effectively as possible. If this sounds like a service you and your business would benefit from, please feel free to enquire more about the service through our sales team over on our contact page. 

“The new services we are promoting are the result of continued investment from our shareholders.  ReAgent has made significant improvements to its’ facility over the last few years, including the introduction of new equipment, expansion of our premises and recruiting quite a number of people to entirely new positions.  This up-skilling allows us to better serve the needs of both existing and new customers.  It’s an exciting time.  We are growing faster than we ever have done, while maintaining the level of customer service and quality products associated with the ReAgent brand.”

Richard Hudson, Managing Director, ReAgent Chemicals


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