ReAgent Installs Windows 10 For All Employees

Jessica Clifton

by Jessica Clifton

12th June 2019

In a recent article, we announced that as part of our continual development and improvement as a company, we have installed some new IT infrastructure. It’s very important for us to use leading, innovative technology that can help us become more efficient so that we can pass those efficiencies on to our thousands of customers.

With that in mind, not only have we installed new servers but we have also upgraded every employee’s computer to Windows 10.

What Does This Mean?

Microsoft’s Windows 10 provides a comprehensive, versatile solution for ReAgent’s software needs. With advanced IT capabilities, it offers easy device and app management, intelligent security, and better collaboration. But what does this mean for ReAgent’s customers?

Benefits of Using Windows 10

Windows 10 offers some great benefits to ReAgent that allows us to improve our processes, efficiencies, and customer service.

ReAgent Installs Windows 10 for All Employees – advancing the security of our customer data

These benefits include:

  • Advanced security and management, including improved credential management, to ensure the security of our customers’ data
  • Compatibility with existing tools, meaning smoother workflow processes
  • Reduced need for testing and easier software upgrade processes, minimising system downtime and ensuring our customers can access their accounts at all times
  • Improved device management, meaning improved collaboration and communication with customers

As well as installing a new server and upgrading all computers to Windows 10, we’ve also upgraded other aspects of our IT infrastructure to make further improvements – more details coming soon!


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